AIME (Administrators in Music Education) is an affiliation of MMEA.
The mission of AIME is to provide music administrators with professional development
by delving into the "hot topics" in music education.

AIME holds a symposium every October and sponsors sessions at the Massachusetts All State Conference on evaluation, supervision, curriculum building, assessment, diversity, class management, scheduling, mentoring, and other areas that are pertinent to administration in music education. Membership in AIME is automatic for all members of MMEA.


AIME symposium

Friday, October 17th
Westborough High School
8:00 AM - 2 PM

Topic is Public Policy, Music programs, and Advocacy

Guest speakers include:
Patrick Jones - Chair, BU Music Education Dept.
David Neves - Needham Public Schools
Jon Rappaport - New England Conservatory
David Jost/Brian Koning - Practical, effective pr.